Concertina or Retractable Gates

A combination of strength and aesthetics. The curved design of the Crossguard CX and its unique rivet-less system 'Crosslinx' which conceal the fixings, provide a sleek and durable security solution that will blend into any environment.

The strongest of Bradbury grilles and recommended for vulnerable premises, where high security is required.
The Crossguard C21 was the first grille to be certified to the recognised attack test standard of LPS1175 Security Rating 1 (cert. no. 312a) by the LPCB and it has the Secured by Design approval.

Incorporates a Bradbury certified 2-point slam lock
No planning permission required
For internal or external use - Zinc plating available for external use.
Neatly stacks away to 15% of the overall grille width
(for exact sizes please confirm)

Anti-Jemmy strip - protects the lock

Flexible installation options

Low Maintenance - there are no electrics, therefore service contracts are not required

A general purpose grille, the Crossguard CX with it’s curved design is a popular choice for office and domestic premises, to prevent and deter unauthorised access.

Traditionally all grilles are rivetted together although, this is often the weakest part of a grille. However, the CX grille uses 'Crosslinx', a revolutionary interlocking rivet-less system which provides a much stronger and durable alternative to rivets. Any attacking force is spread over a much larger surface area. Furthermore it is also concealed from view within the verticals to prevent attack.

The Crossguard CX Plus is an innovative high security option. Building on elements of the CX grille, it's many design features, make this grille as secure as Bradbury's heavyweight grille, the Crossguard C21, without distracting from its neat curved design. It's most notable development being, fixings which swivel to prevent attack. This level of security is recognised through LPCB approval as it is certified to LPS1175 Security Rating 1.

Bradbury's Anti-burglar Bars are a simple fixed, high security barrier which are manufactured to a recognised insurance specification. Ideal for use in high risk commercial and domestic situations, where strength is important and budgets are tight.

High security
20mm solid steel bars, ideal for vulnerable premises, are designed to rotate to prevent attack from tools, such as hack saws. Durable
Professional in-house polyester powder coating to gives a long lasting finish. Low maintenance
Flexible installation
Tailor made to specific requirements they can be fitted to the reveal of a window or face fixed onto the surface of the reveal. They can also be fitted vertically or horizontally. No Planning Permission required

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