Analogue CCTV


Can be housed in water/weatherproof housings with integrated heaters to avoid condensation build-up in the winter months. Or supplied as complete units with the infra-red capabilities.

Colour Long Range Day & Night Camera

A Superb quality camera that offers excellent COLOUR vision during the day and up to 50 metres B/W vision in complete darkness. In Vari-Focal Lens Variations of 3.8mm to 9.5mm and 9mm to 22mm, excellent all-round camera with top quality pictures and at a great price.

This is at present the most common type of camera you will find with the options of Monochrome (Black & White), Colour and Colour/Mono (or Day/Night). As to the quality they are found under MEDIUM and HIGH Resolution. Generally between 330TVLines and 520 TVLines in colour and  380TVLines and 580 TVLines Monochrome. Other Factors are Auto-Iris, Direct Drive, OSD (on screen display), Backlight Compensation, DSP (Digital Signal Processing) . There are more options than this but these are considered the crucial elements when selecting the right camera for a particular environment.

Camera Housings can be Interior/Exterior with Vandal Proof options available as well as internal heaters to counter misting on cold mornings or damp days and wipers to clean hard to access cameras. IP Rating is a Factor but if you buy a housing with IP66 rating for outdoors you will not go far wrong for most environments. LET CS SECURITY SYSTEMS specify your equipment and you will be assured of the RIGHT Equipment for the RIGHT JOB.

Lenses can be as crucial a choice as the camera itself, the wrong lens for the wrong job will yield poor results whatever the specification of the Camera. Auto-Iris lenses are crucial when you install a camera outdoors, if you penny pinch here you will regret it. Varifocal lenses are popular as you can manually adjust the lens over a given range of usually 3.5mm - 8mm and 5.5mm - 40mm. These lenses are slightly more expensive but save in the long run and if you decide to realign a camera and Zoom in or out to a particular subject, no need to buy a new lens, just adjust it. LET CS SECURITY SYSTEMS specify your equipment and you will be assured of the RIGHT Equipment for the RIGHT JOB.

Vandal Resistant Dome Cameras that can withstand a heavy amount of abuse.

We can supply Vandal resistant Dome cameras that can WITHSTAND the IMPACT of a 10lb sledgehammer, coupled with excellent pictures and aesthetic looks these cameras are a great choice in areas that may come under abuse or unwanted attention. Very unimposing they fit in virtually anywhere and have been fitted to houses, factories, offices, circa 1930 apartment blocks in London etc etc. They come in Monochrome, Colour and Colour/Mono combination.

ANPR CAMERAS (Automatic Number Place Recognition)

Automatic Number Plate Recognition cameras are a fairly new concept and now are at a stage where they can be reliably used to identify number plates in day and night conditions with headlights on. This piece could fill our entire website so we will keep it brief. These cameras should solely be used to capture a small area where traffic passes through, they are not suitable to be utilised to survey a surrounding area as well, so if you decide that this type of technology is what you require bear this in mind. We can install these cameras in areas such as entrances to golf clubs, car parks, industrial site entrances etc. etc. Infra Red light is used to gain images of number plates in day and night conditions, visible light is filtered out and only ir light is used by the camera: this solves the serious problems of Glare on the number plates from headlights, sunlight, light from wet roads etc. Using Infra Red in this way also helps overcome the issue of dirty plates. LET CS SECURITY SYSTEMS specify your equipment and you will be assured of the RIGHT Equipment for the RIGHT JOB.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom Cameras

PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) Dome cameras for internal and External use that have almost endless facilities with Amazing viewing distances, Camera Speed of Movement, Privacy Zones set-up, Tours, Presets etc. etc. These cameras are certtainly more affordable than a couple of years ago and used in the right enviroment are a valuable tool in protecting large areas whether they are monitored constantly or are set on tours for most of their use. The are found in colour and colour/monochrome forms and can see in virtual darkness outdoors. 

Covert Cameras

COVERT - These systems are for specific applications where maybe In-House theft or Damage is being experienced, Covert Cameras come in many forms and can be hidden in walls, Clocks, Speakers, Pictures, Switches etc., Basically everywhere and anywhere with or without audio. OPPOSITE is a PIR covert camera that takes a picture evertime something moves in front of it, no need to fit a whole system just this unit. When you want to view images remove the memory card and view the pictures on your PC.

Covert Camera inside a Smoke detector


Covert Camera inside a Clock

DVR's (Digital Video Recorders)

Opposite is just one example of one of the many Digital Video Recorders (DVR's), that we offer. 4, 8, 16 camera models are popular with Hard Disc Drivesr Ranging from 80, 160, 250, 500 Gbytes and now Terrobytes drives are available.

An example of images from a Digital Video Recorder being viewed over an internet connection, all images can be viewed simultaneously or full screen pictures one at a time. Images can also be recorded 'off-site' onto the Har Drive of a PC. Many options and functions are available as well as two way Audio.

  • Individual Assignment of Camera settings of Resolution and Recording
  • Auto Dial on Alarm
  • Alert via Email and Text
  • Ability to view live images whilst in playback mode
  • Motion Detection
  • Continuous 24 hour recording
  • Record on Alarm inputs
  • Pre Alarm and Post Alarm modes
  • Multi site management
  • On screen controls for PTZ (Pan/Tilt/Zoom) Cameras
  • Epos connect ability.
  •  Space saving
  • Records more images per second for extended periods
  • Smaller file size (Mpeg4 Compression)
  • Records higher quality images (768 x576 PAL) not 640 x 480!
  • Full Remote capabilities, PSTN,LAN,ADSL and Internet Explorer
  • Audio Recording up to 8 Channels
  • Voice Over IP
  • High Speed Network Transmission
  • Rental kits are available on a monthly basis, these can be up to 4 camera systems 
  • Installation and a first months rental for the 1st month and subsequent monthly rental. 

Infra Red Lightning

Infra Red Lighting (or sometimes called Black Light) for CCTV purposes is the light that the Human Eye cannot see but the camera can and lies between 750nm and 1000nm (1 micron). Infra Red lamps come in many forms with Spot, Medium and Flood being the three common descriptions. Some units use bulbs (these offer longer range and greater light spread on flood) or the fairly new LED lamps that have a far longer life but are generally weaker in price comparison.

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