Access Control

Access Control Does exactly what the name implies, it controls Access to and from your Premises.

Card-Swipe Systems

Card swipe systems are popular and can be provided as a stand alone system or on line system. The Swipe Cards themselves can be printed with company logos and the card holders name and photo etc. Stand alone systems can be programmed via a control box or from system administration cards,  etc. On line systems are administered by a computer/s either at the the site and/or remotely, but don't worry CS Security systems will specify the right one for you.

Proximity Systems

Proximity Systems offer the same features as a Card-Swipe system only instead of having to physically offer 'Swipe' a card though the reader the user just offers the Proximity Card or Keyfob to the reader usually within 1-4 centimetres of the reader. Longer range readers ('Hands Free') can be used and Card/Tag holders (clipped onto belt, hanging from neck or on Key Rings) can open an access controlled door from 250cm -750cm or a few metres away especially useful on high use doors where personnel can be carrying items through doors on a regular basis.

Biometric systems are a good option for access control systems if you dont want the hassle and continued cost of carrying and purchasing swipe/proximity cards. They can also have integrated keypads and proximity card readers for added security. Install inside and outside these systems are becoming more commonplace in the access control market place. Iris scanners are another biometric technology.

Hands Free Proximity Readers

'HANDS FREE' Proximity Reader, ranges from 250cm-750cm and greater.

'HANDS FREE' GLASS Proximity Reader, aesthetically pleasing with a very good 'READ RANGE' distance.

VEHICLE Tag Proximity Systems

Fitting Vehicle tags and the necessary long range proximity reader to a Barrier or  electric shutter etc would allow access to permitted vehicles without the driver having to leave the vehicle.

Vandal Resistant Readers

Proximity Readers can be supplied in Vandal Resistant Form, especially useful in high risk areas where a tougher approach is required, these readers are normally supplied in Stainless Steel and are still pleasently asthetic.

Electronic EntryKeypads

Electronic Keypads are a simple yet effective way of allowing permitted users with a 4-6 digit code through a Dorr/Gate/Shutter etc and keeping unwanted visitors out. Provided in standard and Vandal Resistant models they are a cost efficient access control solution.

Integrated Kepads with Card-Swipe Proximity and Auto Video Entry Systems

Proximity or Card-Swipe readers with the added security of a Keypad requiring the user to first present their Proximity device or swipe-card to the reader and then enter a personal pin number providing fail proof security if a reader or swipe-card is lost or stolen.

An Audio or Audio/Video Panel with integrated Proximity Reader allows Tennants or Office staff etc to gain entry on presenting their proximity device, visitors are required to input the relevant office/apartment number and on satisfactory audio or Audio/Video recognition can be granted access via a lock release button on the correspondin handset. Available in an array of finishes.

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